Gabrielle Cameron is a Garden Designer based out of San Francisco, California.  Originally from the Midwest, she has been designing and gardening in the Bay Area for over 10 years.  Ambitious and practical, her work embodies the union between craftsmanship and urban elegance.

She has a comprehensive background in site management, farming, and material fabrication. After studying Art and Geology at the University of British Columbia, she continued her degree in the Bay Area at Mills College.  She spent several years as Lead Gardener for Neo-American Gardens.  Her designs celebrate texture, contrast, and a meditative repetition of minimal colors.

An active climber, surfer, and adventurer, Gabrielle draws inspiration from the elements. 

“California’s infinite natural playlands have directly affected the scope, scale, and style of my work.  I'm often trying to capture that dramatic essence within a grounded classical framework."